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                1. Environmental Spraying Equipment
                  Automatic Spraying Equipment
                  Powder Coating Equipment
                  Paint Spraying Equipment
                  Filter Products
                  3M Environmental Protection
                  Pneumatic Tools
                  YongKang Jibaolai Coating Equipment Co., Ltd.
                  TEL: 86-0579-88050308 / 88029226
                  FAX: 86-0579-88050307
                  Contact Person:
                  Humeixiao: 13173832109
                  Mr. Ying: 13173827799
                  Mr. Jin: 13173832108/13173832109
                  SERVICE TEL: 0579-88058806 / 13506598147
                  ADD: Changcheng Industrial Park, Yongkang, Zhejiang, China.
                  E-mail: summer-xiao86@hotmail.com jbltz158@yahoo.cn
                  YongKang Jibaolai Coating Equipment Co., Ltd.Wild-Wild Keppel metals businesses, located in China Science and Technology Hardware City-Yongkang, Zhejiang. By the Professional Committee of Zhejiang Province, direct the formation of static electricity, the Chinese Surface Engineering Coating Association member units, specializing in the development of coating industry.
                  Company in a high starting point, high standards, high efficiency, "three high principle", the formation of a number of highly qualified professional team, the formation of the design, manufacture, development, consulting, sales, Victoria designate integrated service system. The company has the industry experienced application engineers to provide customers with professional technical guidance and to improve pre-market after-sales service, and in accordance with customer needs, provide professional solutions to guide and assist customers to improve the quality of spraying, lower operating costs, the lifting of customers to worry about. Products by the step-by-step Yang Group, Xingyue Group, the group or groups, Talon Group, the Quartet and other groups to confirm the use of industry leading enterprises, and praise, the use of various competing products industry.
                  Products: automatic electrostatic spray lines, DISK electrostatic painting line, non-stick baking Chatham Road systems, robotics automatic spraying line, round-yi lines, powder spray room and recovery unit, curtain-style spray-painted room, fuel, gas, charred carbon coating equipment such as oven.
                  Products: Acting in Japan Iwata air gun, viscosity cup, Japan ASAHI liquid electrostatic spray gun, paint spraying Gibbon machines, reciprocating machines and painting equipment, pneumatic tools shinano, Taiwan Yuan-qi liquid electrostatic spray gun, Sampoong divide pumps, mixers were long , the pressure barrel, regulator valves, filters, anti-Japan and Asia coating large nylon tubes, high temperature oil the United States legislation on peacekeeping, professional painting.
                  Companies over the years in the field of security door service, the technology industry to improve the handling of various types of surface coating the link to take part in the surface treatment of the technical guidance, combined with professional paint, to further improve the product technology.
                  Companies to "use technology to build quality, with services to improve the brand" for business purposes in order to "people-oriented, customer focused, industry professionals," as business philosophy, integrity management, due diligence, and actively with customers to establish the cause of Union and the sustainability strategic partnership with the times, and seek common development!
                  Copyright ? YongKang Jibaolai Coating Equipment Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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