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              1. ¿˲Ʊ | About Us | Products | Company News | Industry News | Customer Service | Contact Us | Chinese
                Environmental spraying equipment series
                Automatic spraying equipment series
                Powder spraying equipment series
                Coating spraying equipment series
                Painting measuring instrument
                Filtration Products
                3M protection and environmental protection series
                Air tools series
                Painting accessories series
                Yongkang Jibaolai Painting Equipment Co., Ltd.

                0579-89262967 Fax: 0579-89262967

                0579-88029277 Phone : 0579-88029277

                Business Service Hotline:

                13506792559 13173832109 Manager Hu : 13506792559 13173832109

                Manager Ying: 13173827799

                :13506598147 Technical service hotline : 13506598147

                浙江省永康市五金北路45-47号 Address: 45-47 North Hardware Road, Yongkang City , Zhejiang Province

                ykjbl.1688.com Alibaba: ykjbl.1688.com

                pre-sale service:
                Be a good customer's staff and assistant, so that every investment of the user will get rich returns.
                (1) Selection of equipment model.
                (2) Design and manufacture non-standard products according to the special requirements of customers.
                (3) Training technical staff for customers.
                (4) Provide technical consultation for new, special and difficult projects or draw up suitable production plans.

                On sale services:
                Every detail from the design drawing to the equipment production is checked and checked to ensure nothing is wrong.
                (1) The drawings must be approved by the meeting.
                (2) Select materials in strict accordance with the requirements of the drawings.
                (3) Fully crafted.
                (4) Parts processing must pass the inspection of the quality inspection department.

                After-sales service:
                Improve the overall value of customers, so that customers have no worries.
                (1) Equipment installation and commissioning.
                (2) On-site training of operators.
                (3) Regularly inspect equipment.
                (4) Quick and proactive, on-site troubleshooting.
                (5) Warranty accessories are delivered to your door.
                (6) Tracking services for key projects.
                (7) Actively seek out potential dissatisfied users and complain about resource utilization.
                (8) Provide premium services.
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