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              1. ¿˲Ʊ | About Us | Products | Company News | Industry News | Customer Service | Contact Us | Chinese
                Advantages of spraying electrostatic powder friction spray guns on complex parts ...
                For wet weather, paint factory dryers and air compressors are used to spray paint ...
                The difference between electrostatic powder coating and electrophoretic coating ...
                Brief analysis of the market prospects of plastic injection molding machine ...
                Corrosion resistance, aging resistance ...
                Maintenance and inspection of pneumatic diaphragm pump ...
                How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of powder coatings ...
                What controls does the spray gun have? ...
                About the influence of air pressure on spraying performance and effect of automatic spray gun! ...
                A problem solved by an automatic spraying equipment ...
                Spraying equipment manufacturers introduce its development is inevitable ...
                How to solve the common problems of automatic spray gun? ...
                Yongkang Jibaolai Painting Equipment Co., Ltd.

                0579-89262967 Fax: 0579-89262967

                0579-88029277 Phone : 0579-88029277

                Business Service Hotline:

                13506792559 13173832109 Manager Hu : 13506792559 13173832109

                Manager Ying: 13173827799

                :13506598147 Technical service hotline : 13506598147

                浙江省永康市五金北路45-47号 Address: 45-47 North Hardware Road, Yongkang City , Zhejiang Province

                ykjbl.1688.com Alibaba: ykjbl.1688.com

                Environmental spraying equipment series
                Automatic spraying equipment series
                Powder spraying equipment series
                Coating spraying equipment series
                Painting measuring instrument
                Filtration Products
                3M protection and environmental protection series
                Air tools series
                Painting accessories series

                    Yongkang Jibaolai Painting Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Yongkang, a civilized city enjoying the reputation of "China's Science and Technology Hardware Capital" and "China Door Industry Capital". Is specialized in product surface coating processing equipment industry development and technical guidance services. Painting partners around you! 高标准 高效率的“三高原则”,“技术在先,行动在前”组建一批高素质的专业队伍,形成 设计 制造 开发 咨询 销售 维护一体化综合服务体系 Based on the "three high principles" of high starting point , high standards and high efficiency , the company has formed a group of high-quality professional teams to form design , manufacturing , development , consulting , sales and maintenance integration Comprehensive service system . The company has experienced industry application instructors to provide customers with professional technical guidance and perfect pre-sales and after-sales service, and provide professional solutions according to different needs of customers, guide and assist customers to improve spraying quality and reduce operating costs. Remove customer worries.

                独家设计- 专业粉末 双管静电喷枪 高效 实用 、稳定、省时又省力的喷涂能手,超速度性能、超便携款式, 申请 喷涂性能和外观设计 专利 201530175884X Exclusive design of the company's research and development department - professional powder dual-tube electrostatic spray gun , efficient , practical , stable, time-saving and labor-saving spraying expert, super speed performance, ultra portable style, has applied for spraying performance and design patent 201530175884X

                     多元化 智能涂装 专业 设计制造 及销售海外 品牌涂装 设备 行业 技术指导配对 服务 新型、科技产品更新换代,手动 /自动 静电喷枪 、粉体静电喷枪、混气喷枪、 机器人专业喷涂和 环保改革系统不但为企业 打造更好的工作环境, 提高 了产品 工艺 ,更促使企业 降低产成本 ,寻求最佳 质量 喷涂 经济效益 的一种非常有效的方案。 Gather diversified intelligent painting , professionally design and manufacture and sell overseas brand painting equipment and industry technical guidance matching services , new and technological products replacement, manual / automatic liquid electrostatic spray gun , powder electrostatic spray gun, mixed gas spray gun, robot professional The spraying and environmental protection reform system not only creates a better working environment for the enterprise , but also improves the product process , and promotes the enterprise to reduce production costs and seek a very effective solution for the best economic benefits of spraying .

                铁牛集团、 泰龙集团、步阳集团、群升集团、星月集团、 南龙集团、 四方集团、年年红门业等各行业龙头企业确认使用,并得到一致好评,成为各行业争相使用的产品。 The products have been confirmed and used by the leading companies in various industries such as Tieniu Group, Tailong Group, Buyang Group, Qunsheng Group, Xingyue Group, Nanlong Group , Sifang Group, and annual red door industry. Scramble to use products. 分布于全国各地、东欧、东南亚、马来西亚、俄 罗斯 、欧美等。 And distributed throughout the country, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Russia , Europe and the United States.

                Pursue excellence! Keep up with the times! 诚信经营,尽心尽责 ,积极与客户建立永续性事业联盟和战略伙伴关系,不断创新,共谋发展 ! The company takes “manufacturing quality with technology, perfecting brand with service” as its corporate purpose, and “people-oriented, customer-first, industry-focused” as its business philosophy. It operates with integrity and dedication , and actively establishes sustainable business alliances and Strategic partnership, continuous innovation, and seek common development !


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